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I used to be warm radiance now I am being disingenuous not about the warmth the glowing th
Gigan for

Aerik Francis

I used to be warm       radiance            now I am being disingenuous             not about the warmth

the glowing     the stretching  but rather the tempo   at which a kind            of melody excites


exists                not that it exited          it never could                it permeated                indeed growth

but one wonders         the form the structure the shape         the texture       of root or rhizome 

as stalks splinter          symptoms of wither & seasons slow                 at a bitter pace of Winter


it almost seems silly   to question       the coldness the packed           to preserve      the plastic

of what now    is my touch on the skin            or          just the skin itself       or just               myself


nestled                           inside of a pile              a compiler myself       any compilation really

of horrible historical                  clashes made of people                       not really unlike         myself


who all want to live     long enough    to experience another revolution       of planets

I could stay disingenuous & continue              speaking around it, but                       I am not warm


it almost seems silly to question why               I have grown colder    living how & where I have

about the splintering                  the greenery nearby  how they survive        unseasonal

grow taller       lush if there is water                  but have learned         of snow in Summer


anymore the sun glows gloomy          beyond clouds of seasonal       forest fire smoke

the smells contain       a burning          a tepid heat      somehow colder         & me colder so

Aerik Francis is a Queer Black & Latinx poet and teaching artist based in Denver, Colorado, USA. They are the author of BODYELECTRONIC their debut poetry chapbook now out with Trouble Department press. They have poetry published widely, links of which may be found at or via their website

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