Apply by February 1, 2021

smoke and mold is seeking 2-4 assistant editors. For a little transparency: smoke and mold was started and is currently run by one person, Cal Angus, a white trans man. I (Cal) have always wanted this project to grow and adapt to others’ visions beyond my own, and I believe that any project seeking to queer nature writing from an exclusively white editorial vantage point is inherently incomplete. In light of this, I commit to filling at least 2 of these new positions with candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). 


While no prior editorial experience is required for stepping into these roles, I am hoping to find people who are interested in sharing leadership equitably and intentionally. The journal’s future, decision-making structure, and voice will all be shaped by the incoming editors just as much or more than by myself. At the moment, these are unpaid positions, and I regret that this means some people will not be able or want to apply. One of my goals in spreading the work of the journal among more people is to make time for fundraising/looking under more rocks for money to increase writers fees and pay editors more.


Please keep in mind that these are roles for trans, Two-Spirit, and nonbinary editors. That said, I’m not an arbiter of identities. If you say you are, you are, and that’s good enough for me. My hope is that these editors will have a chance to hone an editorial point of view not generally supported by more mainstream journals/presses, and also gain experience without having to start their own endeavor from the ground up.


Editors should be able to commit to 5-10 hours of work each month, the distribution and scheduling of which can be flexible in response to each editor’s needs, and will include some of the following tasks:


  • Researching & soliciting new writers to contribute to the journal

  • Drafting calls for submissions for general and special issues

  • Share in planning and brainstorming ideas for the journal’s future, including collaborations, multimedia issues, Zoom symposia, new layouts and more

  • Responding to emailed submissions 

  • Editing accepted submissions carefully and considerately. smoke and mold strives to make the editorial experience a positive one in which writers feel seen, and through which their work can fully inhabit its own vision. We do frequently make comments and suggest partial rewrites based on edits for eventual publication.

  • Updating and maintaining the website at

  • Creating digital proofs for contributor approval in the lead-up to issue launches

  • Designing issue landing pages

  • Selecting images/art to run with pieces

  • Ensuring SEO and social share settings are optimized for each piece

  • Assist in crafting social media posts about new issues and contributor news to the smoke and mold Twitter and Instagram


To apply, email by February 1, 2021, with a brief letter (2-3 paragraphs, please) that addresses:


  • your availability;

  • which of the above tasks most appeals to you or would you be able to do;

  • why the mission of the journal resonates with you;

  • a bit about your experience (if applicable) with writing or editing, or

  • if you have no writing/editing experience, why you want to get some;

  • any other details you feel are relevant/you want me to know.


Decisions will be made by me based on a combination of demonstrated interest in the journal’s mission, availability, and willingness to learn and help shape the future of the journal. I have no idea how many people will be interested in applying for these admittedly very niche roles, but anyone who applies and is not selected is enthusiastically encouraged to propose and edit a special issue of the journal.

If you read this far, thank you, and happy writing,


       - Cal Angus, Editor // 12.20.20