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You Bleed -- Ami J. Sanghvi -- Eruption 6.jpg

 issue 5 
Hurricane Season 

smoke and mold

. Fall 2021 

Cover image from Monochromatic Oblivion: Fractalization (A Continuum) by Ami J. Sangvhi.

Hurricanes feel alive. 


Every year, humans experience the massive power of the natural world as the hurricane season begins, and we see the extent of destruction that these storms can bring. As water temperatures continue to rise, hurricanes are occurring more frequently, and are becoming much stronger, faster, and more damaging. Make no mistake--this is the result of human influence. 


As a new editor to smoke and mold journal, I was overjoyed to be able to contribute my voice, and to curate a theme for this Fall issue. While an ambitious feat for a first time editor, I am so thankful to have been supported by the entire smoke and mold team as we came together to realize this group vision. The designated theme surrounds the storm season, looking closely at the effects that these continued hurricanes have on coastal communities, islands, and the relationships between humans and nature. I asked myself and our contributors: “What does this mean for the future of life in relation to oceans, storms and the climate?” 


I am so happy to be able to present to our readers the beautiful, eclectic mix of creativity in this fifth issue of smoke and mold journal. The issue features five authors and their collections of poetry, fiction and art, all dealing with the topics and essential questions asked above. From L. Sutherland’s compelling short story about horseshoe crabs and existentialism, to Ami J. Sanghvi’s selected artworks representing light and oblivion, our contributors show how they care deeply about our earth and what is happening to it, and have so artistically reflected their passion within these works. 


I could not be more excited to share this issue with you all. Treat the planet well, and in the words of Jose Luis Pablo, “for now, may we be content on its curve.”


-- 婕 [Jie] Venus Cohen, Assistant Editor


" we reached volcanic oceans and ridges, / then wiped off the dew-turned-rheum / to witness each other. "



" Sketch, clinging in the stillness, imagined himself at the center of a flower. The truth was more complicated. "



"You love old denim, lilac, miniature things. You are gentle with others. This is the kind of man you are."



"Try This One Weird Trick / To Become Infinite! / Pluck a bee from a petal. / Split it between your teeth."


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Thank you for reading!

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