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Manifiesto Transchanga
By Colectivo Transchanga
Translated by Red Samaniego

Translator’s note: Just as the Transchangas themselves stand—or slink, or bang their exquisite breasts—in defiance of the global colonial power grabs that attempt to deny Transchanga magnificence, the term Transchanga exceeds the space and dimensionality any English translation of the term might offer. An English-thinking mind will benefit from the knowledge that a changa, among many other things, is a female monkey. 

Because here in Latin America, in the third world, the human doesn’t exist. We exist as beasts, humanoids, primates, small creatures that play at civilization, and above all in this asphalt jungle, what we have are MONKEYS. 


Today I decide not to become a woman. I prefer not to construct myself as human, whose categories correspond to the Integrated Heterosexual Global Capitalist Regime. In a banana republic, unstable, conquered and bled dry, one doesn’t live: one survives. In order to survive we must become monsters; it’s not hands we need but claws, not teeth but fangs, not skin but hides, we don’t walk, we move on four paws and in some moments, two. Today for my survival, I become Transchanga. 


Transchanga because in the eyes of the civilized we’re primitive, exotic, and uncivilized. I reappropriate your junglified exoticism and play with it. I puke on your civilization sustained at its base by social inequality, exploitation of nature and labor, misogyny, racisms and homophobia. Under those terms it doesn’t interest me to be civilized, I prefer madness and disobedience, the uncivilized. 


We Transchangas are not interested in your fascist beauty regimes, your demands of our corporality, your diets, or your hair removal. We Transchangas are ugly, hairy, hair-raising--but this doesn’t stop us from being coquettish and sexual. 


Transchanga because this is a festive, joyful revolution. Transchanga for my dignified rage and my always rebellious disobedience. Transchanga because I’m heinous, monstrous, and primitive. Transchanga,Transchanga, Transchanga UUUUUUUUH UUUUHH.

Screen Shot 2023-06-03 at 11.28.49 AM.png

Original "Manifiesto Transchanga" post card produced by Colectivo Transchanga. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-03 at 11.30.40 AM.png

Original "Manifiesto Transchanga" post card produced by Colectivo Transchanga, reverse side.

Colectivo Transchanga consists of Nayla Urrutia and Tadeo Cervantes.

Tadeo Cervantes Maricabrona y prieta. Likes to elucidate intersections between corporalities, carnalities and territories. Has a love-hate relationship with their (de)formation in architecture at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), where they are now a Wednesday morning (un)teacher of architectural history. Is an eternal thesis-ista for a masters in fine arts and has been published in various outlets including Paprika, Re-visiones, Trou-Noir, and Ill Will. Together with friend Mr. Poper Nicolas Marín, Tadeo created the Maricarmen fanzine.

Nayla Urrutia is a transfeminist visual and tattoo artist, performer and psychologist born in Mexico City. Her work is based in themes of queerness and gender dissidence. Find her on Instagram @momotranschanga2. Further writing by Nayla can be found at

Red Samaniego writes fiction about freak love, border worlds, and being a better communist. They were the 2018 Sandra Cisneros fellow at Under the Volcano and founded and ran MFA App Review, a service which provided free support to Trans and POC writers with their MFA applications from 2017-2021. On instagram: @curveofjoy.

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