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Mykki Rios

Water Burial

I became bleached reef


No color, no growth,


I camouflaged by necessity


blending with the skeletons I was told


I should aspire to


begging for a place amongst


the hooks and barbs and poisons


I never doubted where I came from


until the caustic words of school children


Where does that confidence come from?


Classification before one has even met the self


walking a tightrope and paying no attention 


to the tank of sharks below


A beautiful buoyant thing


that comes with being Mexican


is that you’re taught not to treat death


as an absolute ending


I can cherish myself into an altar


with underwater flowers rejuvenating


I can wish my skin back over my bones

Mykki Rios is a genderfluid Mexican-American poet, performer and interdisciplinary artist. Raised in Chicago, and having lived many places across the globe, they strive to achieve clear, authentic communication and self-expression that strikes a chord with the human condition. Mykki has had work published in issues of The Minison Project, story twigs, and Welter.

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