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Call for Submissions for ACROSS / WITH / THROUGH: Trans Writers in Translation

The root of this issue is simple: a desire to see more work from trans writers working in a language other than English. How are writers around the globe bending their tools of story and language to push at the strictures and structures of categories, from genre to gender? What is left out of “trans literature” when the only authors included are those working primarily in English? And who are Western audiences missing out on because they aren’t considered “trans enough” in a framework of colonial gender norms reinforced by centuries of war, white supremacy, and eugenics?


ACROSS / WITH / THROUGH  will be a modest offering in answer to these questions. At the same time, it celebrates the work of the translator as representative of the best impulses operating in literature today: to give voice, to make beautifully legible. To break meaning again and again in the service of something other than ego.


We look forward to introducing readers to voices they didn’t know they were missing in our spirit of small, focused issues devoted to uplifting trans writers working today at the intersection of place, geography, land and language.



  • Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis from authors, translators, or teams working together, with a prospective publication date in spring 2023.

  • Authors and translators will each be paid $100 USD upon publication.

  • All submissions should be sent in .doc or .docx format, and should be no more than 3000 words. We will accept submissions in fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, and poetry, as well as reviews in English of books published in translation that otherwise fit the description above.

  • If submitting a translation, please include a brief bio about the author (50-100 words) and a shorter one about yourself (25-50 words), plus a source note about the original.

  • If submitting as a team, please include both the work in its original language and the translation, and bios for both the author and translator.



Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint any material under copyright that exceeds the guidelines of fair use or does not have a Creative Commons license. When requesting permission from the rights holder, please ask for nonexclusive world rights in English. If you have questions about permissions, please email us at the address listed below.


Questions? Comments? Know a translator or writer who you think would be interested in this issue? Please reach out to us at

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