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smoke and mold is invested in the narrative possibilities trans lives bring to our changing nature-culture. We publish work that pushes at the edges of what it means to be trans and (un)natural, alive and uncategorizable, discrete and supra-organism, embodied and unsteady. 

Submissions are currently closed. Check back in early 2024 for our next call for submissions.



Our issues are small, featuring 4-8 authors/artists at a time, so that we can give individualized editorial attention to each piece, and to encourage readers to engage with the whole issue. We read and respond to all submissions in a timely manner. 


Please include a short bio in your cover letter. Prior publications are not a requirement, and we are proud of frequently being the first publication for many of our contributors.


We do accept simultaneous submissions; just please let us know if the work you’ve submitted has been accepted elsewhere. 


All contributors are paid $100USD upon publication.

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Smoke and mold publishes two issues per year, roughly in spring and fall, but just like the edges of these seasons are changing, becoming less predictable, we also sometimes stretch the edges of these seasonal timelines. Usually at least one of these issues has a theme. We also occasionally publish special issues outside of this timeline.

Currently, we receive all submissions via email, and for the foreseeable future, we see no reason to change over to an automated submissions system. Every submission will be acknowledged with an email within a day or two. Please be patient with us. 

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