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Nayla's Discourse
By Nayla Urrutia
Translated by Red Samaniego

I’m the boy who brushed his Barbies’ hair under the bed. I liked to secretly put on my mother’s lipstick. Fantasized that the sheets on my bed were a long dress from the runway. Used thongs under my middle school uniform. I was always the most enthusiastic one to jerk off my friends! 


I’m the travesti that scraped her heels slutting it up in the hills of Chimalhuacan; a place where they chased us wild after we experienced a succulent orgiastic party with the workers and the son of the shop owner who sold construction materials. 


I’m the grinder addict, robbed by the app of not only my time, but the possibility of being more than a fetish fantasy on someone’s cell phone screen.  


I’m the faggot that awakens looks of morbid curiosity and lust in the streets. 


I had to reincarnate into myself to discover that I am a body that must exercise her right to exist. 


I’m the witch that reads you your tarot and discovers that you feel as empty and alone as I do. 


Long live the whores!

Long live the trans girls!

Long live the witches!

El discurso de Nayla

Yo soy el niño que cepillaba sus barbis bajo la cama. Me gustaba ponerme el labial de mi madre a escondidas. Fantaseaba que las sábanas de mi cama eran un largo vestido de pasarela. Usaba tangas bajo el uniforme de la secu. ¡Siempre era la más entusiasta para jalársela a mis amigos!

Soy la misma travesti que se le rasparon los tacones por estar puteando en el cerro de Chimalhuacán; lugar en el cual nos dieron tremenda corretiza después de experimentar un suculento festín orgiástico con los trabajadores y el hijo del dueño de una tienda de materiales de construcción.

Soy la adicta al grinder que me roba no sólo el tiempo, sino la posibilidad de ser más allá de una fantasía fetiche en la pantalla del celular.

Soy el joto que despierta las miradas de morbo y lujuria por las calles.

Tuve que reencarnar en mí misma para descubrir que yo soy un cuerpo que ejerce su deseo de existir.

Soy la bruja que te lee las cartas del tarot y descubre que te sientes tan vacía y sola como yo.

¡Qué vivan las putas!

¡Qué vivan las trans!

¡Qué vivan las brujas!

Nayla Urrutia is a transfeminist visual and tattoo artist, performer and psychologist born in Mexico City. Her work is based in themes of queerness and gender disidence. Find her on Instagram @momotranschanga2. Further writing by Nayla can be found at

Red Samaniego writes fiction about freak love, border worlds, and being a better communist. They were the 2018 Sandra Cisneros fellow at Under the Volcano and founded and ran MFA App Review, a service which provided free support to Trans and POC writers with their MFA applications from 2017-2021. On instagram: @curveofjoy.

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