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Antiphon & Response on O quam mirabilis

By E. Peregrine

O quam mirabilis // antiphon for the Creator

O quam mirabilis est 


prescientia divini pectoris


que prescivit omnem creaturam.


Nam cum Deus inspexit 


faciem hominis quem formavit,


omnia opera sua in eadem forma hominis


integra aspexit. 


O quam mirabilis est 


inspiratio que hominem sic suscitavit.


– St. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)


O how miraculous is 




the foreknowing heart of the divine



which foreknew all creation.



For when God looked upon



the face of the human [they] had formed,


in the form of that person

all [their] works 

in that form of Person


            beheld      complete

[they]                    whole.

             saw           fresh



O how miraculous is 




the               which kindled human life.


O quam mirabilis // response


                        O how miraculous is that Divine Chest which 



                                     knew itself 

                        before it arose out of its own flesh.


                                     Like as a riverbank erosion memory-prophecy

                                     like as a landslide just-add-water no-roots-left

                                     my soul yearns for You

                                     my soul 



                                      Velum templi scissum est, et omnis terra tremuit

                                     (The veil of the temple was rent 

                                     and all the earth trembled.)

                                                    Seismic trans-substantiation, 

                                                    tomb-crumbling waking-dead-revelation

                                                    two rifts in the topographica mundana, magma-mother-monster

                                                    tephratic trumpets refracting refiner’s-fire

                                                    pyroclastic phoenix

                                                    obsidian knife 

                                                    obsidian mirror


                                                                  a glass, 



                                                                                and then face to face:


                                                                                    faciem hominis.


                        For when They looked down onto the landscape of skin

                        formed at last in 

                                                    Their image,


                        They saw 




                                     From the earth arises the clay

                                     from the clay arises the form

                                     from the form arises the reflection:

                                     integra aspexit.


                        O how miraculous is the gasp

                        at that moment when knowing becomes sight.

E. Peregrine (they/them) is a trans/nonbinary conductor, poet, musicologist, multidisciplinary artist, and recovering academic based simultaneously in California and the Northeast. Their work across genres explores the fruitful, feral spaces at the overlap of cultural dichotomies: old and new, sacred and secular, hidden and revealed. They can be found on Instagram at @tonus.peregrinus or at

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