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Last show at the Sderot Cinema*, or

How to IDa lynch mob.


The glee alone should tell us something:

alight with violence,

at ease with bullets

fired, their lawn chairs set 

against a border ridge to catch

the carnage, watch all

the bombs fall 

with open beer cheers

on couches dragged 

to a cliffpoint overlook.

Know a lynch mob

by how they fire first, so 

far back in the timeline

they want it forgotten.

Notice how they start 

the clock when the target

raises a hand, a rock, 

a house, a clinic, a kite,

or razes a razorwire fence.

They shoot to end,

take as souvenirs what

endings can’t be sold

as their own injuries.


Behold the momentum maintained!

By a perpetual retribution machine!

Run on pogrom promenade chants!

Sanctified as self-defense against!

Self-knowledge of horrors caused!


They will march a litany 

against responsibility, and

that's how a crowd hangs 

a hook of genocide.

*This poem is an ekphrasis of a July 2014 photograph and article, in which apartheid settlers cheer for the 2014 bombing and siege of Palestinians in Gaza from a clifftop overlook. Read a free, archived version of the original article, with picture on the Internet Archive. Sderot was one of the first colonial settlements Palestinians entered on October 7, 2023.

Rasha Abdulhadi is calling on you, dear reader, to join them in refusing and resisting the genocide of the Palestinian people. Wherever you are, whatever sand you can throw on the gears of genocide, do it now. If it's a handful, throw it. If it's a fingernail full, scrape it out and throw. Get in the way. The elimination of the Palestinian people is not inevitable. We can refuse with our every breath and action. We must.

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